1. Every motorhome has compromises, so make a list of must-haves, diminishing in order of importance.
  2. Know the size of your home parking space. Keeping the ‘van at home is great as it allows easy, spur-of-the-moment trips.
  3. Visit as many shows as possible as you can see 100s of motorhomes in one place.
  4. Talk to motorhomers. They’re mostly friendly, enthusiastic and happy to give advice.
  5. When inspecting ‘vans, try all the facilities, including the bed and washroom for size.
  6. Think seriously about payload. The weight of all the people, equipment and accessories in and on the ‘van will use up chunks of it.
  7. Have your fully loaded motorhome weighed at a public weighbridge so you know you are not over the motorhome’s documented maximum weight.
  8. Buy the smallest motorhome that meets your needs. As well as the camping, motorhoming is about being able to enjoy driving to as many places as possible.