Previously a self confessed ‘hotel stays only’ kind of person when it came to holidays, Tash now fully embraces the camping and adventure life! She sold up to travel full-time in a motorhome with her husband and 3 cats nearly 5 years ago and has never looked back. 

A couple of years ago, a change in work circumstances for the couple meant Tash took the plunge and got her own campervan and has since embarked on solo adventures all around the country. She even got to head to Morocco on Bailey of Bristol’s Sahara Challenge (2)- her first time driving a motorhome abroad being around the Atlas Mountain range!

Covering a variety of topics including driving experiences, off grid parking and van living tips, she shares her experiences and travel stories in her monthly column and on social media. Tash also takes part in solo female travel talks, inspiring others to face their fears and get out there!

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