Larger than a camper van but more compact and maneuverable than a large mo-torhome – the Dethleffs Globebus has proven a hit with many customer groups, from first-time campers to seasoned explorers and city travellers. The A Class Globebus based on the Fiat Ducato is now joined by a low-profile model – the Globebus Go based on the Ford Transit. Dethleffs will celebrate the official launch of its most compact motorhome at the NEC Show 2023 in Birmingham.

Leisure vehicle manufacturer Dethleffs will unveil its new Dethleffs Globebus Go range at NEC Show in Birmingham. This compact and agile low-profile motorhome is characterised by an attractive price-performance ratio. Dethleffs has chosen the Ford Transit as the base vehicle for the Globebus Go. Even the basic version of this front-wheel drive motorhome features a 96 kW (130 hp) EcoBlue diesel engine and a wealth of comfort and safety equipment, including numerous assistance systems, alongside the generous entry-level package.

Dethleffs offers the Globebus Go in two layouts. The T 15 includes a transverse double bed in the rear and, with an overall length of 599 centimetres, is the short-est motorhome in the Dethleffs stable. The longer T 45 gets rear single beds. With an overall length of 669 centimetres, it is the shortest Dethleffs motorhome equipped with single beds. At 2.20 metres wide, both models are barely wider than a camper van and yet offer all the comfort, equipment and winter performance of a motorhome. The modern interior design combines matt white, handleless overhead locker doors with natural wood tones and contrasting surfaces in anthracite.

The kitchen boasts an efficient 86-litre compressor fridge that is purely electrically operated and thus a key component in the largely gas-free concept of the Globe-bus Go – as is the standard 6 kW diesel heater with integrated warm water boiler. The elimination of additional gas consumers means a smaller gas bottle is now sufficient (since it is only needed for cooking), which is housed directly in the kitchen. This not only removes the need to lug around heavy 11 kg gas bottles, but also frees up significant additional storage space at the rear of the vehicle.

Thanks to the innovative rotating wall, the comfortably dimensioned bathroom is fully equipped with a sink, toilet and shower. In the default position, the rotating wall with attached sink nestles against the outer wall. When the wall is swung out, the sink slides over the toilet, creating space for a full-size shower with solid walls.

Two equipment variants to choose from

Building on the generous entry-level specification, the in the series included Com-fort Package brings some useful additions, such as a rain sensor and air condition-ing. There are also comfort-related extras for the conversion, including windows in the cab hood and habitation door, pleated cab blinds, as well as the option to convert the single beds into a double bed. With the optional Winter Comfort Pack-age, the Globebus Go is ideally prepared for camping in the cold season. There is also plenty of scope for customisation thanks to a variety of optional equipment, including a more powerful 114 kW (155 hp) engine, automatic transmission, a so-lar power system and a larger lithium-ion on-board battery – all of which offer excellent value for money.

The introductory price for the Globebus Go is GBP 62,500. The new models will be available at selected Dethleffs dealers from spring 2024.

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