It was whilst thinking longingly about the lovely little 60s caravans such as the Sologne, Georges et Jacques, Baillou and Escargot that the idea came about to brighten up the rather conservative caravan market with a little round caravan that harked back to the style of the 60s.

But we were also aware that modern expectations of comfort are such that a separate bedroom, kitchen and toilet were paramount necessities. 

Thanks to our telescopic slide-in slide-out system, we were able to design a caravan that is small on the road but super-spacious when deployed on arrival. 

Building on the idea : 

Our specifications included :

1. Easy to set up in order to incentivize regular use

- Actuators (hydraulic jacks) powered by mains or battery allow easy opening and closing without any effort. A manual system to open or close in case of failure is also a feature.


2. Simple to build

- The frame and cladding use modern light-weight materials such as polyester and aluminium to ensure a perfect balance of strength and low weight ; polystyrene ensures quality insulation of the wall sections. 

3. Modern, the aim being to freshen up the market

- The round shape brings to mind the very on-trend shapes of the 60s, as  taken up by car manufacturers with introductions such as the Beetle, the Fiat 500 and the Mini. Inside, you’ll see a 3-room format very similar to what is found in modern caravans. The use of colours such as white, red or grey / anthracite add that special touch of modernity. 

4. Small on the road for ease of manoeuvrability, and spacious enough on arrival to house 4 people comfortably.  

- Folded up, the BeauEr 3X is no wider than a standard car (1,90 m). The bedroom and the living room, which can be transformed into a second double bed, allows comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to 4 people.

From this basic spec sheet was the BeauEr 3X born, and there is nothing else like it on the market. 

Why 3X ? Simple. It’s because the initial floor space is multiplied by 3 when the caravan is fully deployed, going from de 4m² to 12m² in less than 30 seconds.

Other models are available, in different volumes and for different purposes e.g the corporate market who use the BeauEr caravans for meeting, training and customer-fronting purposes. 

It’s also well worth noting that the 3XPlus (28 m² when fully deployed) is the only habitation of its size that requires no administrative authorizations (same for caravans). As such, you get the full benefit of 2 or 3 extra bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, lovely living room and an American-style kitchen in which to house your extended family and friends, for much less cost than it would be to extend your main home ! Campsites are also showing a lot of interest in this concept, especially for uneven ground or land prone to water-logging.

Our caravans are designed and built at our 5-man factory in Cholet, France. More than 20 industrial supply partners provide BeauEr with high-spec equipment and raw materials such as sliders, actuators, frames and high-insulation polyester. 

Sales strategy : 

BeauEr caravans are sold direct to end-users.

In 2018, we have received numerous orders from France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, China and America – orders are also pending for Spain and South Korea for 2019 delivery. 

We target our products at 2 key markets : leisure vehicles for private users (the traditional market) and the fast-growing corporate sector which includes mobile work spaces (for training purposes, as showrooms, government out-reach services, gaming, hairdressing, etc.)

Strategic development :

We plan to raise funds to address the strategic North American market (more than 2500 leads generated so far) and other key export markets such as Australia, Japan, China and the Middle East.

In 2020 we will also launch the truck-mounted pod based on the same principle as the classic BeauEr models, which will be deployable on the truck or on the ground. The chassis type will be such as the VW Transporter. This new concept will allow the owner to use it as a camper van as well as allowing it to be used on the ground, thus freeing up the vehicle for other purposes. 

The starting price for the best-selling BeauEr 3X is from 37 995 pounds, including VAT, and for the 2-berth 2X the price starts at 31 995 pounds, excluding options. 

Contacts : or

Karen and Jaye at RP Motorhomes, on 01423 781 212, or Tristram Congreve, Beauer European sales manager 00 33 672 129 329

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