A little bit about Tread the Globe

An ordinary couple on and extraordinary adventure After some life changing events Chris & Marianne Fisher’s outlook on life changed forever. They quit their jobs, sold their possessions, rented out their house and moved into their campervan “Trudy”. The ultimate aim is to attempt to visit every country in the world in either their camper  or armed with a backpack.  Setting off in Trudy in May 2018 they spent 8 months exploring Europe. They then spent 5 months backpacking Central America & have returned to the UK to prepare for the ultimate van life adventure - Driving around the world in their campervan. They are aiming to set off in January 2020. All of their adventures are filmed & can be found on their YouTube Channel and visit their web site TREAD the Globe for more information. Make sure you check out their Website and Youtube

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